Morganfield’s home of sticky bones

Apparently Mall of Asia spruced up some parts of the mall and there’s a new wing with new restaurants there right now. My boyfriend and I went to eat dinner and as always we went for ribs.

He already tried this before but this was my first time and here are my thoughts.

Location: They have branches in Malaysia (where they originated), China and the Philippines. 

They have 3 branches in the philippines 

(Photo grabbed from their website)

The one we visited is the Mall of Asia branch. To be honest, the location is quite difficult to remember especially now that MoA is renovating but since it’s an alley with all the restaurants, locating it can be easy.

Ambience: it looks like a typical ribs and steak place. With the wooden interiors and letters loaded with bright lights. It’s pretty nice to look at. They also have a bar and all of the available drinks are displayed.

It’s also to be noted that they provide you with bibs which they will put on you (or you put on yourself). Good addition to the feel of the restaurant. It helps give you the mindset of just enjoying your food and forget about worrying about the mess.

Food: What we tried was the mini carnivore platter which is good for 2-3 people. 

This platter included a slab of ribs (we ordered smoked peppercorn), 2 kinds of sausages, roasted chicken, salad and fries. The 2 dipping sauces are gravy and vinaigrette.

The ribs was good. It was a little thin than what I’m used to but it’s still flavorful and it can still fill you up. Being thin, it’s soft and moist unlike other ribs which are hard to chew. With this, you can actually finish the whole slab. As for the taste it’s juicy and has that barbeque flavor but it’s not too spicy.
Roast chicken has a herby flavor, perfect with or without the gravy. 

I didn’t try the sausages but one was spicy ( But it’s the tolerable kind of spicy) and the other is not according to my boyfriend. 

Fries were good, perfect size, crunchy and not soggy

Salad alone is fine but the dressing was too spicy for my liking.

Overall it’s a good taste.

Another bonus is that they serve drinks in cute mugs. 

(And they serve it in a blue mug without lipstick if the customer is a guy)

All the sodas are refillable! Not sure about the juices and teas.

Price: the platter was 1695 pesos which is pretty reasonable. Drinks range from 60-200 (sodas are 85, beers and specialty drinks are pricey-er.

Overall, I’d give it 3.5 stars, will probably go back again. 
For more info visit their website: Morganfield’s home of sticky bones

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