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Lush: Mint Julip Lip Scrub

Dry flaky lips has been a problem for me for quite sometime. I’m a huge fan of matte liquid lipsticks and lip tints but they have the tendency to dry out my lips.

As a remedy, I try to brush my lips after brushing my teeth but the bristles of the toothbrush can be harsh on my lips. The results are also temporary which would just last for the day.

I also tried the honey and sugar mix for the lip scrub which worked well but is quite sticky and messy to make. (Also containers are needed as you cant make a little amount only for one use)

Since then I have been wanting to try different lip scrubs and decided that the first brand to try was lush. 

Lush is known for their use of all natural, cruelty free products and some are even edible (this lip scrub included)

Why I decided this would be a good try: Lip products can be easily digested and being a lip scrub newbie I wanted to try something that is edible so that if any mishaps happen, I’m still safe.

What it is: 

(Grabbed from lush USA website)

(Grabbed from lush USA website)

Product: the product, true to the description, smells like chocolate mint. It has a sugar-like consistency mixed with oils so that it can hold up. It doesnt feel too grainy which looks like it wont be too harsh for the lips. Each container has 25g of product.

Packaging: it comes in a glass container and the signature black lid of lush. The container is sealed well which preserves the quality of the product. It was also full to the brim when I first opened it.

Application: at first, I had a hard time applying it as it crumbles when touched. I had to be quick to put it on my lips for me to scrub it in. 

After that, the lips does not feel sticky even when it gets wet. I figured that eating it to remove it or removing it with water afterwards doesn’t have any difference (I recommend just licking it off. It tastes good)

Note: don’t forget to put lip balm after using this! (I personally use my nivea lip balm)

Feel: after application, my lips does feel smoother although unlike brushing my lips with a toothbrush, it still does leave some of the dry skin from using matte lip products.

Price: This costs 495 pesos when I bought mine in Lush Alabang Town Center. In the Lush USA website it is $10.95 (tried computing that in peso and that would be 574.50)

Over all verdict: I can say that this product works. I wish it was less crumbly but the taste and it not being sticky makes up for that. I have been using this for a couple of days and despite using it consecutively, my lips do not feel like falling off.

I probably would repurchase and try the other variants as well.

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