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A’pieu Lip Stains

I am a lipstick junkie. I think I’ve said that before and if there’s a new product in town I’m most probably interested to try it. 

I am also trying to get into kbeauty and these babies came up. From the beauty groups that I’m a part of, there was a time when this was posted and I immediately took the chance when there was a pre-order. I got one of each variant.

Matte fluid

A’PEIU color lipstain matte fluid is a perfect matte type with vivid colors and strong fixing effect.


Matte texture- lightly fits, softly without irritants

Feathery fitting system- light without stickiness, gently fill up lip wrinkles. No chapped lips

Long lasting- lively for long time with strong fixing effect withoit leaving stains

Real fitting tip- perfectly match with matte fluid for even perfect adherence and lasting effect

(Details Grabbed from apieumalaysia site)

Gel tint

APIEU color lip stain gel tint helps to create lively colors and giving long-lasting effect with the moistness of gel


Gel texture- with gel texture that holds moisture for moist and volume lips

Dewy moisture system- forms moisture layer which without stickiness to create glossy lips that is full of moisture

Long lasting- strong tinting and lasting effect to keep lips lively for long time

Soft curve tip- perfectly matches with gel tint, conveniently control usage and keeps lips even smoother

(Details Grabbed from apieu malaysia site)

Velvet tint

APIEU color lip stain velvet tint helps to create vivid color and giving long-lasting effect with softness of velvet


Melting texture- melts like velvet, gently and softly

Hybrid velvet polymer- lightly fits and improves fitting effect, neatly expresses color

Long lasting- with strong tinting and lasting effect to keep lively for long time

Edge finger tip- finger tip which perfectly matches with velvet tint, fits onto lip curve and apply conveniently.

(details Grabbed from apieu malaysia site)

Now all that is up on the table, unto my thoughts.

Packaging: All variants came in a box. All black with rosegold writings except for the gel tint which had a rosegold top cover. Each  variant has a different quality or color of the container. The matte fluid comes in a matte plastic container that is rectangular. The gel tint came in a clear plastic container while the velvet tint came in a black plastic container. I like that it’s rectangular as it fits my lipstick container perfectly (OC problems).

It is important to note that each variant specifies a different wand for better application. Let’s take a closer look at the difference. 

(Left to right: matte fluid, velvet tint, gel tint)

Gel tint’s wand is sturdy and longer than the velvet tint although the quality of both of them are the same. There is a smaller angle for the gel tint’s applicator as well.

Application: I can say that the different quality of wands helped with the application. It was tough when it hand to be tough and flexible when it needed to be spread out easier and faster. The tip of the applicator wasn’t too wide as well and was able to outline my lips fair enough.

Color pay-off and scent: The product has that distinct cosmetic smell that’s not so bad and is not overpowering across all the variants. Here are hand swatches:

(Left to right: gel tint, matte fluid, velvent tint)

I tried to let these swatches dry but it took a long time and after 30-45mins it looked like this:

I accidentally touched the matte fluid and velvet tint that’s why it looked smudged at the end. I think I did not blend and spread it that well that’s why it took a long time to dry. However, what bothered me was that the gel tint feathered especially with the parts where I applied it on too thick. Luckily this was swiped off easily with just a cotton pad and water. All variants did not leave a stain.

As for the lip swatches:

Gel tint in Mysty day

I can say that this is a bit sheer which is fine given that it did say that it’s a lipstain and not a lipstick. However, despite that the stain was really vibrant and looked natural on the lips. It also covered the dark edges around my lips.

Matte fluid in after you

I think since this is the most matte, this looks the most natural. I had to do two coats before I achieved the color that I wanted especially around the edges since the dark outline around my lips are still showing up.

Velvet tint in thai tea

Velvet tint looks more opaque but less natural looking. It does look like you’re wearing a lipstick. I had to do two swipes for it to be less streaky.

Feel: Gel tint felt fine at first but got more uncomfortable as the time passes as it can tend to be drying on the lips (as most lip stains are). It also made me lick my lips more because it felt dry. I had to apply lip balm on top of it to make it feel comfortable.

Velvet tint feels more comfortable than the gel tint. The velvet tint felt more moisturizing and did not settle on the cracks of my lips.

Matte fluid feels as comfortable as the velvet tint. You can feel that something is on your lips but it’s not something that is really bothering. It also wasn’t drying despite being completely matte. I re-applied after eating lunch and this time it settled on the cracks on my lips. I can say that the matte fluid variant is the most comfortable to wear.

Longevity: Gel tint lasted about 3-4 hours then it started to fade. It should be noted that I did not even drink lots of water as I normally would. It also had a little feathering around the lips. Although I can say that it did leave a tint which looks natural. 

Velvet tint stayed as pigmented as it was during the first application unless you eat. (As most liquid lipsticks do).

Matte fluid stayed on well for the rest of the day (unless you eat anything.) I ate lunch and it left a stain on the outer edges but left nothing in the middle. But it doesn’t fade through the day when you’re just drinking every now and then.

These lip tints are all transfer resistant. Haha I say resistant ’cause when you rub it (I accidentally rubbed my lips) and it transferred a little)

Price: I bought mine for 250 each. As far as I know these range from 250-300 here in the Philippines.

Overall verdict: I would definitely wear the matte fluid and velvet tint again. I’ll pass on the gel tint since it’s too drying, patchy after a couple of hours and too translucent for my liking. Would probably rank this a 3 star lip product. Might purchase velvet tint and matte fluid in different shades as well.

Note: I bought mine from an online shop from a pre-order. As of the moment, I am not sure about where to get a’pieu products except from beautymnl.

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