South Grill

Being the usual kaladkarin that I am, I immediately said yes when my friends asked me to have dinner with them after work. We’re touring our friends from the north and decided we try one of BF paranaque’s new restaurant (and can only be seen here in the south): The south grill.

Location: 220 Aguirre Ave, BF Homes, ParaƱaque

Here’s a description from phonebooky:

The South Grill is Aguirre’s newest restaurant that lets you unwind, listen to good music, eat great food and hang out with friends. They offer different kinds of sausages, liempo, other grilled food, and drinks.

Ambience: true to the name, south grill has that vibe, a southern I’m-gonna-eat-grilled-meat kind of vibe minus smelling like the barbequed meat. The interiors were instagram worthy and it felt relaxed. It was not too crowded and it was a perfect place to bond with friends.

They also have seats outside for smoking customers, I think. 

Food : Food choices were enough. They have seafood, beef, chicken, pork and lamb. They also offer drinks if you really want to chill with your friends. I took photos of the menu, sorry if it’s wonky, I was hungry and took this too quickly.

They serve you with complimentary toasted bread with tomato based dip.

Our crew (shout out to my friends!) ordered the mozarella cubes, meat platter and bufallo wings

Mozarella cubes come in tomato dip and a cream dip. I personally like the cream dip better. It has that slight (almost unnoticeable) tangy taste due to the herbs.

Opened it up to see if it’s gooey. Unfortunately, it doesnt have that stretch that I was hoping for but it’s still good.

The meat platter had lamb, chicken, pork and beef. My personal favorite is the liempo (pork) then the lamb. The chicken was okay. The beef was chewable but not as tender as I hoped it to be. The chicken and the beef tasted the same. The lamb however tasted good. I can’t remember the last time i tasted lamb so I can’t compare it to anything. It was soft and had a light pepper taste to it. Now that liempo, that one’s the star. It had a good salty taste and the juices of the pork was still there and it wasn’t tough.

Forgot to mention it came with chili, an ensalada (a mix of tomatoes, onions and herbs) and a herbs in oil. The last one did not taste like anything to me and I just skipped dipping the meat altogether.

Last is the buffalo wings.

This wasn’t spicy thank God. The sour cream dip blended well with the sweet-tangy taste of the wings. However this one took way too long to be served to us, not sure why.

Service: They actually serve the food fast except for our additional order (buffalo wings). The servers were attentive and accomodating.

Price: more value for money when you order separate dishes rather than the platter. I had 5 friends with me and what we ordered didn’t really make us full. We saw that they have bigger servings in the individual dishes. Price isn’t way too up there but there are a lot of cheaper options here in the south that would serve the same grilled food.

Overall verdict: would I come back? Probably yes, the food and the ambience works well for intimate group gatherings and the servers are nice. Giving this restaurant 4 stars.

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