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Heroine Make Long and Curl Mascara

Lashes are everything but false lashes are too complicated. The next best thing we can have is a great mascara which can lengthen our asian lashes.

I have been hearing good reviews about this mascara. One of my favorite youtubers, Anna Cay.

Here’s the description from beautymnl

Meet Heroine Make’s Long and Curl Mascara: a glorious mascara that has become a cult fave across different Asian countries. Its thick but smooth texture, with the help of its slightly-curved mascara wand with thin narrow bristles, makes it easy to volumize and elongate lashes without clumping—so you get natural-looking long and thick lashes in a jiffy. 

How do you even review a mascara? Hahaha lol. Well for starters I got the long and curl variant. 
The wand was the typical mascara wand which can be tough for the lower lashes. I saw that using the back side of the wand makes applying on the lower lashes easier. 

It was easy to apply and it was not clumpy at all. I got it in black and true to the name it does look like a true black. I usually put two coats of mascara but with this one is enough. 

Here’s a side by side comparison of my lashes with and without the mascara. (Left with mascara, right without).

Here it is on both my lashes.

Sorry for the lazy eyes. Lol.

You can see that it did make my lashes look longer but still natural looking.

This one doesn’t smudge even if I rub my eyes. It’s VERY water proof (or even makeup remover proof) and you really need a good cleanser to take it off. 

It’s important to note that this mascara has fibers and it can get in your eyes (very rare though) or have a little fall out. I only put 1-2 coats because it can feel a little heavy if the mascara application is too thick. 

There is actually a Heroine make mascara remover, which luckily I also purchased otherwise this will stick to my lashes for days.

The heroine make speedy mascara remover is a clear liquid that helps remove this mascara. It does the job so no complaints. However, it’s too watery that I have to be careful not to put it in my eye.

Mascara remover wand

This one is a must have for people like me who doesn’t know how to put false lashes. 

4 out of 5 stars for this one 👍🏻

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