Geca does yoga ep 2

So I’m back with another yoga blog.

So my second session was a vinyasa yoga session which was a little tougher than thw first (but I was able to survive it yazz).

For today, the yoga teacher (as always) was monitoring everyone’s poses and worked with me with my downward facing dog. 

A downward facing dog should look like this: 

(Photo from google images)

As far as I can remember (I have poor auditory skills and I still rely on my teachers) what’s important is the spine. Make sure it’s stretched (see the back of the girl on the photo), pressure should be on the palms and not the fingers and toes slightly pointing inward turning your inner thighs towards each other making sure the hips and the ankles are aligned. 

For you guys to not quote me on this, I looked up the interwebs for a more reliable and concrete how to of a downward facing dog. Click here

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