Village Tavern

It’s one of those “shala” restaurants in BGC. Hahaha but we’ll try. We went here on my boyfriend’s birthday and here are my thoughts.


We only tried two dishes:

Black pizza

It’s an okay pizza. I can compare it to shakeys’ pizza bianca but the only difference is that the crust is black and it is chewier than most crusts. Personally did not like it cause it needs work for you to chew it. 


The ribs is served with rice. I think rice is cooked or sautéed with egg. Like the sinangag of the philippines only the grains are longer and it’s not that oily. Ribs are really tender and tastes sweet with a very very subtle tangy-ness to it. It’s one of those fall off the bone ribs. This I would probably order again.


It’s expensive. Most of their servings are too little for the price. Price range approximately 1700 pesos ($34) for two people according to zomato.


Nice ambiance. It has a little rustic-spanish vibe to it which isn’t too annoying and overly done. Interiors are great and interesting with pieces like this:


Service is great! Servers are accomodating and quick to respond. They attend to requests and are even responsive to questions. They are even nice to offer and remind us of their promos to save some cash. 👍🏻
Overall, 3 out of 5 stars for this restaurant.

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