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Happy skin express gel polish

I’m a fan of their makeup line and when they announced that they are releasing their first nail polish collection, I was so excited to get my hands on it (or it on my nails).

First of, in the Philippines, Happy Skin is one of those local but sort of high end brands of makeup. They are famous about having ingredients that do not only make you look beautiful but are also good for your skin. (Note: their lipsticks are one of the best 👍🏻)

So back to the product, what’s special about this nail polish?

This polish features a rounded fan-type brush to effortlessly coat nails with color.
Chip-resistant & long-wearing, this dries quickly and cures in natural light-no UV lamp needed!
Hydrolyzed Keratin helps make nails stronger & Almond Oil helps nourish.

-grabbed from their website


The packaging is unique. We’re all used to rounded nail polish bottles but this one is more rectangular. There’s a nice pattern in the front side of of the cap. It annoys me though when I screw it back up and the pattern is at the back. You have to put the cap with pattern facing front before screwing it back in for it to look the same everytime you open it.


Whoppping 249 pesos! ($4.98) For highend brands, I guess this is about the regular price. I know OPI and china glaze pretty much are of the same price.


Being the fail that I am with nails, I went to a nail salon and had them apply it to me but I did look closely and ask the nail tech about it. It dries fast (legit fast) to the point that the nail tech had to redo one of my nails because it dried even before she’s done but despite it being “dry”, touching it would still move the polish and would leave nasty marks on it. There is the normal chemical/nail polish scent and it stayed even after washing my hands. It was a solid 2-3 hours before the scent went away.

Color payoff:

It’s not a one coat-er. It looked streaky and milky with just one coat but showed a great nude color with two coats. Adding more coats makes the polish darker in color.

I got mine in the shade Artist


This is where we go haywire. When they first applied it to me, I was very happy about it. While waiting for my ride to go home, I noticed a patch without polish and I retouched that when I got home. 

I have this usual routine after having my nails done to wash my hands when it’s fully dry to rinse off the chemical-y scent and when I did, my pointer nail looked a little wonky like the polish was a jelly but a hard one so I tried to touch it if it was dry. It was but you can move the polish inside and when I touched it lightly, the polish started peeling! Oh the horror.

I had to reapply it and being a quick drying nail polish, it was hard to apply evenly and it resulted to a mini polish mountain

I also noticed that through time, bubbles or dents appear making the nail polish looking weird

(See the weird dent in the middle?)

Overall: I wouldn’t repurchase this product but I can say that they have very pretty colours. This product is not gel polish levels in terms of longevity as it chipped within a week (like most regular nail polishes would). Application was a struggle. Let’s just say happy skin should go stick to makeup.

Happy skin? Yes happy nails? Ugh no.

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