Geca does yoga ep7

On today’s yoga practice, our teacher put balms on our head during the savasana. 

What are yoga balms or meditation balms?

Yoga & Meditation Balm is an ancient blend of ingredients to calm, centre & balance your Inner Badger. Stimulating ginger and vetivert promote balance while grounding cedarwood and sandalwood centre the senses.

From Bath and unwind

Our teacher placed it on my temples and on the middle of my forehead. It felt menthol-y and it had a super mild grape-leaf menthol scent which actually helped me to relax more and focus on my savasana.

For today’s pose of the day, we’ll be talking about savasana

Savasana or corpse pose

Photo from google images

How to do it?

Lie on your mat, and spread out your limbs like a starfish. This can be done with opened eyes or closed eyes. Based on experience, savasana allows you to relax but take full attention to your body as well. This allows you to feel more of your body and pay more attention to it. This helps you cool down from your yoga practice as well.

As from what I read, although this looks pretty easy relaxing and not moving for a few minutes can be really challenging. And I agree, I still move little movements from time to time during the savasana.

Here’s a helpful link from yoga journal

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