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Pixi x itsjudytime: It’seyetime pallette

Who doesn’t know itsjudyslife and their vlogs? 

I’ve been a fan of her and her family since 2 years ago and I am definitely in love with them. Judy keeps it real and the baby bears are the cutest. It’s a bonus that she’s also a Filipino. I love it when Mama speaks in Filipino in the vlogs.

Judy is also famous for her beauty videos, where she started first and I have to say she’s one of the most hones beauty vloggers. She also tries to keep things to be affordable which is a yay for us all.

I love how she keeps it simple in her day to day makeup but is also a little glam. Then she released her own pallettes. Omg! She has an eye pallete and a lip pallete but in this post we’re only going to talk about the eyeshadow pallete (because the lip pallete is out of stock).

Tan tararaaaan! The pixi x itsjudytime it’s eye time pallete.

It comes in 12 big pans of eyeshadow which are all neutral tones. It has mattes, satins and shimmery shades. You could totally complete a look with just one pallete.

Here’s a description from pixi’s site:

Swish on these gorgeous shades to define and enhance your look whatever time it is. 12 super silky eyeshadows created by Judy of itsjudytime in one portable palette that are easy to wear, highly blend-able and seamlessly transition from day to night.

Link to the product here.
I got mine from beautymnl for 1495 pesos. (Roughly $30)


Here are the shadow pans.

Finger swatches


At first I thought that these were not as pigmented but they actually are (they just blend well that’s why I thought it wasn’t as pigmented). I can say that these shadows really blend well.

However, I think the matte shadows are a little powdery. It feels smooth and a little buttery to the touch but turns a lot to powder when the brush touches it (fail blogger description lol).

Here’s an everyday look I tried.


In all fairness the day I wore it (see photo) I forgot to put on an eyeshadow primer but it lasted the whole day (9am to around 10pm). I didn’t see any fall out whatsoever.

Overall verdict: 

I think this pallete is good. Price is fair, pigmentation and blendability is good and longevity is superb. No fall outs when it’s already applied on the eyelids. 

Here’s a link to judy’s youtube channels

Itsjudyslife – daily vlogging channel

Itsjudytime – beauty channel

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