There was a point where tonkatsu with unli side dishes was a thing in the Philippines and people were raving about another restaurant (starts with a Y so let’s call that Y restaurant). I was a fan of that restaurant until we tried kimukatsu, one of our go to restaurants.

Restaurant description:


Not any ordinary Tonkatsu, this is Kimukatsu.The only restaurant in the world that offers 25 layers of mille-feuille Katsu in multiple flavors. (Copied from their site

Shangrila plaza mall

Century city mall

Bonifacio highstreet

Trinoma mall


they serve great tonkatsu sets. Our favorite is the plain, the plum and their black pepper variant (unfortunately I do not have a photo).

Here’s a photo of the sauces:

Which unfortunately you can’t see but I’m here to describe it to you. Tadaaaa!

My personal favorite: sesame mayo sauce: this goes perfectly with the cabbage giving it a sweet nutty taste with a little tangy taste to it. 10/10 would recommend

Another one is the tangiest one (the more browny liquidy) sorry for the poor description, I forgot to ask for the names. This one is really tangy almost sour to the taste. It tastes like lime or lemon. It still goes well with the cabbage.

The last one is the spicy one. I did not even dare to try it. 

The last time we ate here (when I got to take photos) I tried the rosu set. I picked this because I am a fan of the fat in pork meals (unhealthy I know) but this satisfied my cravings.

It was a good amount of food and it comes with unli rice, miso soup and cabbage.

My boyfriend ordered his all time favorite: black pepper katsu.

This has a hint of spice to it due to the pepper but it’s manageable even to me, a person who has poor tolerance to spiciness. I recommend this one. 👍🏻


It has an average price for these types of restaurants with prices ranging 300-500 pesos ($6-10) for solo sets and around 1200 pesos ($24) for set meals (of 3 katsus and unli side dishes).


Filled with black interiors and not always jampacked. You can definitely enjoy your meal alone or enjoy your time with your family and friends.


Service is good. Servers are attentive and would be quick to respond to your needs. They are also smiling and very accomodating. 

4 out of 5 stars for this restaurant. Would 100% go back.

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