Skin care

Celeteque brightening eye tuck plus dark circles lightener

Due to internship and work, I have gathered enough material to make designer (eye)bags. Since then, I have been wanting to try good eye creams to at least decrease the darkness.

Through articles I saw one drugstore recommendation which we will try. I have been using this product for a month.

Product description on the site:

With Double Peptide Complex


For sensitive skin




From beautymnl:

CLAIM TO FAME: A brightening cream that targets dark areas around the eyes (significant reduction of fine lines and puffiness starting 2nd week of usage, with highest melanin drop on the 4th week)

My dark under eyes before using the product:

Application: I use my ring finger, apply a peasized amount and tap it on my other ring finger before applying and smoothening it out under my eyes. I noticed that it is not immediately absorbed by the skin (needs 2-5 minutes to be totally absorbed) and has the tendency to have a crumbly consistency when applied.

Price: I bought this for 299 pesos at watsons and I think it’s a fair price for the product. The tube contains 15ml which can last you more than a month.

My under eyes after 2 weeks of use:

Effects: I think this helps in moisturizing my undereyes. I have the tendency to have dry patches when I apply concealer under my eyes but that decreased when I started using this product. However, I don’t think this product helps in decreasing the discoloration. (I also try to sleep earlier than usual now).

After a month of use:

Overall verdict: I think this helps in moisturizing the undereye area but does little to the dark undereye circles (it may have lightened but very minimal). I am still using the product and would probably continue using due to the moisturizing properties.

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