Geca does yoga ep9

Woah there! I can’t believe I’m consistently posting here. Good job self. Today I want to talk about healthy lifestyle.

I was so amazed at how yogis having the tendency to become vegetarian or vegan through time with their practice. As somebody who loves food, I can’t grasp the idea of not taking in meat. I have nothing against it, it’s just a personal preference. I am amazed at how they are very strict with their diet and how they can maintain it. 

I fully understood this weeks after I started yoga, with understanding your own body and the hard work you put into it, preserving and being careful with what you eat is not a hard thing to do.

Through understanding your body, you feel what’s good to you and what’s bad for you and you’ll do what it takes to feel better.

Personally, I haven’t craved for soft drinks more than usual (everybody who knows me knows how much I love soft drinks) and starting yoga I do not want to put my hard work to waste and stopped drinking it. At the moment, although I still give in once in a while, I can get a week or so without it and not crave for it. That’s a huge step for me! I’m working my way to healthy living.

Today’s pose:

Warrior pose I (virabhadrasana)

Since this is a relatively “famous” pose I would just be telling my experience regarding this pose.

This is one of the most done poses during my practice and here are some of what I learned from my individual practice and practicing in a class.

  • Feet shouldbe firmly planted on the ground. Both feet, even the one that is not facing front.
  • Pelvis should be at the center and not hinging forward. This for me makes the pose feel right and better although harder
  • Fingers together and activate arm muscles to help in strengthening.
  • Knee should be parallel to the ankle, make sure you can still see the top of your feet.


  • Stretches the chest and lungs, shoulders and neck, belly, groins (psoas)
  • Strengthens the shoulders and arms, and the muscles of the back
  • Strengthens and stretches the thighs, calves, and ankles

Continue feeling better, friends.

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