Container turf

Food parks are sprouting like mushrooms here and the Philippines and the south couldn’t be left out. The first ever food park in the south: container turf!

Location and details:

238 and 240 BF aguirre avenue, paranaque



Container turf had a very chill vibe. Good for bonding with your friends. Despite being a go to spot (especially since everyone wants to try it), there were enough seats to accomodate everybody!

Compared to other food parks, container turf, although they serve overflowing drinks, is more chill and best for bonding with your barkada rather than to get drunk. You can enjoy you friend’s company over drinks and food.

It wasn’t too hot where we sat but I wish there was more ventilation to make it breezier.

The music in container turf also adds to the vibe. 👍🏻


They have over 35 stalls and of course I couldn’t try all of it. However some of it was familiar and I’ll still say their promotions which are popular.

Being a huge potato, my friend and I tried to get volcanic combo (195 pesos) from tyler’s (combo A). This had potato volcano, krazy kangkong, potato and cheese ball, spinion ring and chedcream bites with one dip of choice.

You can choose from blue cheese and honey mustard (we chose honey mustard).

The potato volcano is bacon wrapped with bacon inside with oozing cheese. It blended really well and 2 thumbs up.

The spinion ring was also good it was an onion ring with potato inside then deep-fried. The sweetness of the onions with the fried potato and the honey mustard was a good match.

The chedcream balls was mashed potato with mac and cheese inside! This one was good. Combination of cheese and potato. Hmm yes.

The krispy kangkong was also good! Alternative to chips which is “healthy”. This is a must try!

Next is the raclette (300-350 pesos) from fromagerie

This was a flop for me for the price, it was just that, potatoes topped with cheese with small bits of sausages and 2 pieces of olives (or grapes. I’m not sure). The cheese isn’t even a good one, it was sour, the type of sour that’s not expected for cheese and does not taste good. The sausages were mediocre and it was just a small amount. So not recommend this one. 

Next is the fried burrito from wrappido

This one is good. I ordered their best seller, phillychanga (philly cheesesteak and chimichanga) fried burrito (180 pesos). They told me to wait for 7 mins and they were true to the time. 👍🏻👍🏻

This is good and was filling. I wasn’t able yo finish it because I was already full. The taste wasn’t overpowering and the meat was tender. The nacho chips were also commendable! I highly recommend this one.

Next is the fishbowl drink good for sharing (and ultimate bonding with your friends) from swigs and guzzle. This was only 180 pesos for 2 liters and was enough for the whole meal (and barkada). 👍🏻

My friend also ordered oreo milkshake with alcohol which tasted very much how it sounds like with a hint of vodka.

We also ordered nachos which was good for sharing. Sulit naman siya.

My friend also ordered the indonesian dish from the rumahmakan. The meat was tender and it was tasty. Another sulit naman siya, meal.

My boyfriend also tried the steak from the steak joint

It needed a little work to chew but it was flavorful nonetheless. Price ranges from 300-400. That’s not bad for steak.

Other stalls I want to try:

I want to try their ribs which looked promising.

I want to try their infamous kraken (an open-faced deep fried squid) which is as big as my hand.


The price was a little expensive. Usual food park prices which was to be expected. Food ranges from 100-400 pesos.


It’s a self-service kind of place but there are some booths who serve your food to your table. Others tell you how many minutes are you supposed to wait before you come back. They serve within the time frame that they say and does not disappoint with the food. You wouldn’t say that they rushed the preparation of the food.
Overall, Container Turf gets a 3/5 stars for me. It’s something you would try once or twice but won’t necessarily look and crave for it.

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