Cafe voi la

My girlfriends and I decides on a weekend trip to tagaytay with no plans but to have fun. We searched the net and found this pretty restaurant which turned out to be great.

Restaurant information

Located at crosswinds tagaytay (it’s easy to search on the map or in waze although you have to lookout for the huge windmill as you might miss it)

Opens 8am-7pm on weekdays and 7am to 9pm on weekends

Cuisine: asian fusion

Some background information: cafe voi la opened last 2014. The owners of cafe voi la also owns another story (evia) and coffee project, two of popular hangout spots which provides you a whimsical relaxing feel to it. 


5/5 stars for ambiance! We were expecting it to be crowded as it was a saturday and we went exactly during lunch time but lo and behold the place still felt cozy and had enough room for us. Bonus points that it was still quiet and we can still have our usual chika. 

I really loved the interiors. It’s good for bonding and even dates! They don’t have airconditioning but it was breezy and it still felt nice.

It felt asian but hispanic as well. It was very homey as it felt like an old house converted to a restaurant. 


The food did not disappoint! We tried 3 meals on the menu and we only had good comments about everything! From plating to serving size, everything was good!

We were first served with complimentary bread with salsa which surprisingly works well together. The bread was freshly baked with a crunch exterior and fluffy and light interior. The salsa had just the right amount of tangy-ness and sweetness that perfectly blends with the bread.

It was so good that we actually finished the whole thing. I think the server got shocked because 3 dainty ladies finished it in 3 minutes.

Next that came was my friend’s pork spare ribs (495 pesos)

It was tender and it had the sweet barbeque taste to it. The bananas were prepared well it was crispy on the outside and soft and tender on the inside. 

Next was my garlic beef tapa (375 pesos)

It was served with garlic rice, 2 eggs and a heaping serving of tapa.

The beef tapa was sweet and salty. Perfectly blends together and best served with egg. I am very picky with beef tapa and this one is among the best ones! 

It was tender and wasn’t hard to chew. Dip this in vinegar and yesss breakfast from the heavens.

The egg was served with a runny yolk. The way most people want it but I prefer it to be a little more cooked but I don’t mind, it did not have the slimey gooey texture that I don’t like.

Next was eggs benedict (395 pesos)

It was 2 poached eggs with ham and english muffin. (You know, an egg benedict). The english muffin was soft with slightly crispy exterior. The egg was also perfectly cooked.


The price may seem pricey with food ranging from 300-700 per dish but the food was worth the price. The taste and the serving size justifies the high price point.


10/10 for service, waiters were alert and were knowledgeable about their menu and restaurant. They were patient with the customers and served fast.

Shout out to CJ, the waiter who served us because he was probably too eager to serve which made us laugh. 
Overall, I recommend this restaurant! Would definitely go back, probably with my boyfriend ’cause it’s a nice date place. Food was great and the ambience was superb šŸ‘šŸ»šŸ‘šŸ»

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