Papi Chulo’s

This little bright spot in bf paranaque offers  mexican comfort food. It’s also a good spot for bonding with family and friends with the light and chill ambience.

Restaurant details

Papi Chulo’s

256 Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes, Parañaque City

Contact: 0917-855-1063

Open from 5 p.m. to 1 a.m. (Monday to Thursday and Sunday) and from 5 p.m. to 2 a.m. (Friday and Saturday)

It’s an open space but they have a roof. Although there is no airconditioning, the location is still breezy. 

In the middle of the restaurant is a tree (probably another reason why the place is breezy) which they decorated with mexican hats. There are hats laying around which can be borrowed for photo ops.👍🏻

You can say that the interiors and details of the location is well thought of. Details perfectly fit the ambience that they want to portray. 2 thumbs up for the feel of the restaurant.


The star of the show. Unfortunately, when we got there, the main dishes were not available and we were only able to taste the tacos and appetizers. I snapped a photo of the menu.

Here’s their truffle elote

This is basically the street food corn of mexico but off the cob. The taste of the truffle, cream and parmesan blends really well and was powerful. The crunch of the corn balanced everything out. I’d prefer this with less of the sauce to have it more tamed.

Carne asada

This was probably the most basic in the menu. This is a soft taco with meat, cabbage, tomatoes and sauce. The taco had a grimy texture which bothered me. I wish it was a little bit smoother. It was also too soft that it broke when I folded it. They gave me 2 though but I separated it into two and the taco broke. It tasted good though. Perfect blend of the meat, sauce and the vegetables. However, it didn’t give me that “oh hmmmm” reaction. It felt mediocre for me.


The nachos tasted good. It was a bit spicy but was still manageable even for me. I was expecting that the yolk would flow when you cut it but it didn’t. The egg was also cold when it was served. Their hard tacos and nachos had better consistency than the soft ones. 

I recommend getting tostadas.

Cucumber lemon agua fresca

This is very refreshing and was in a big serving. It helped with the spicy food and balanced everything out.


I’d say it’s a bit pricey as you can get same or better quality and bigger portions of food in other mexican restaurants. I wasn’t satisfied and we had to eat somewhere else just to feel food. 


They had good service. They served the dishes fast and got the orders correctly. They were quick to respond to requests and were attentive without being too intrusive.

Overall, it’s an okay restaurant. Mediocre I must say. Serving of food was in small portions and left me wanting for more. Prices were okay. Would give it a 2/5 stars

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