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Geca does yoga ep12 (la union edition)

As seen in my previous post, my friends and I went to la union for some salt water and relaxation. It happened that I saw that there were yoga classes and I attended one just to see the difference with what I am currently practicing.

I reserved a slot a day before with the number provided on the posters and went  few minutes before my class to be familiar with the place. My yoga teacher was named teacher lala and we had our aqua firma session that day.

What is aqua firma?

This class is like doing yoga on a Stand Up Paddleboard but without the water! Take your practice to a whole new level of core power and balance as we incorporate Yoga postures with Pilates movements. This class is set to music with deep beats and rhythmic groove while we move through a sequence of postures designed to lengthen, strengthen and tone the body as well as improve balance, coordination, reaction time, and stability. Appropriate for all levels, anyone can enjoy this practice and feel successful.

From aquanimous yoga site

So basically it’s a mix of pilates and yoga and this was evident with the moves. Unlike my yoga practice, pulses instead of holding the pose are more prominent.

This class was performed on top of a stand up paddleboard but you always have the option to move to the mat as you please. This works on balance and core.

I noticed that in this setup, you realize what side of your body you rely more on. You tend to lean on one side of your body and for me that’s the right side. Lo and behold when I first fell of the board it was on my right side. Since then, I have been mindful of working on my left side in all aspects such as balance, strength and flexibility.

This felt nice since the ambience was great and you can hear the sound of the waves from afar. It was a good activity to cap off my vacation.


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