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Blk cosmetics

Anne curtis just launched her makeup line and everybody wants to know how it works. Being a lipstick junkie I had to try her lipstick line.

More about the brand:

Blk is a local cosmetics brand by Anne Curtis, an actress, endorser, author and self confessed makeup lover in partnership with Jacqe Yuengtian Gutierrez, a businesswoman and beauty maven. 

The brand prides itself with uncomplicated beauty, with goals of providing simple products to have a quick beauty routine that’s timeless and elegant.

(Rephrased from their website and photos screencapped from their website)

Photo above: matte lipstick in chic, liquid lipstick in simple, liquid lipstick in sophisticated, velvet lip cream in classy, velvet lip cream in refined

I tried their all day intense matte lipstick and long lasting liquid lipsticks. I opted not to buy the velvet cream lipsticks since I’m not a fan of velvet/glossy finishes and it looked pretty standard 🙂 the shades are really nice though.


Photo above: all day intense matte lipstick in chic

Product description:

Meet your matte. Think intense color at first swipe, a true matte finish—zero sheen, just all-out boldness—and a non-drying, all-day wear. Our winning formula, which is enriched with Vitamin E and camellia oil, moves comfortably with your lips, never caking or feathering as you go from day to night. 
Active Ingredient: Vitamin E/Camelia Oil


The product comes in a unicarton. It has a clear unit with the brand name in front and it has a clear cover as well. This looks really modern. It also has a tight seal and you won’t have to worry about it ruining your bag in case you travel with it.


The product itself is creamy and smooth but it’s a bit hard. In turn, there’s a bit of tugging when you apply it on your lips. 

However, it’s easy to use and you won’t be scared that you would go outside the lines with the pointed tip.

Color payoff:

You can achieve the maximum color in one swipe. I have a darker outline around my lips and it covered it well even with one swipe.

Photo above: initial application


I can say that this is pretty long lasting. It’s definitely not transfer proof but the color on the lips does not fade even after transferring. I drank a lot of water but it the color is still the same.

Photo above: kiss test

However, eating is a different story. After I had my lunch (fried fish and rice) the color on the inner part of my bottom lip faded but the outer edge and the upper lip still had product on it.

Photo above: after eating lunch

The color faded after about 6 hours and to be fair I was drinking water from a tumbler and nobody said this was transferproof. But it still looked nice, more natural to be honest.

Photo above: 6 hour check-in upon re-application

I bought mine in watsons SM Mall of Asia for 299 pesos (6 USD). Price is pretty reasonable, usual drugstore lipstick price.


Photo above: long-lasting liquid matte lipstick in sophisticated

Product description

It’s matte magic. Treat your lips to the most comfortable matte lippie ever: The color payoff is beyond intense, the mousse texture dries to a freshly-blotted look with a soft matte finish—never tight or drying, thanks to hydrating Vitamin E and softening rosehip seed oil—and the pigment stays put all day long. The only problem you’ll face: Choosing which color to wear today. 
Active Ingredient: Rose Hip Seed Oil/ Vitamin E


It comes in a unicarton with a clear tube and black top/cover. You can actually see the product inside but for some reason it appears to be darker inside the tube than on the lips.


It comes in a doe foot applicator which which is flat and has a more rounded end.

I wish it had a more pointed end, it was hard to be precise with the rounded tip. I had to use it like a pen (with the tip of the wand) to outline my lips to cover the outer edges.

It felt crumbly at first and I can feel that there is something on my lips. However, it does feel powdery and light weight as you wear it throughout the day. It feels dry but it doesn’t feel like it sucks up the moisture on my lips.

Color payoff:

One swipe is not enough. I can’t say that this is a full coverage lippie. 

Photo above: one coat on my lips

I felt that it still shows my lip color especially on the inside part of my lips and on the edges of my top lip so I put on a second coat.

Photos above: 2 coats on my lips.

It dried down quickly but I noticed that the inner portion of the lips took a longer time and it looked crumbly and the product doesn’t want to adhere to the lip so I had to put a third coat and keep my mouth opened until it’s fully dried to make sure it stays put.

Also, this is a dupe for sleek matte me in the shade birthday suit! (This is one of my favorites)


I can’t say that this is transfer proof. It won’t leave intense very obvious marks on cups or water bottles but when I slept and rested my face on my arm I noticed that it stained my jacket and when I tried “kissing” the jacket it did leave marks on my jacket.

I ate cookies and coffee and felt the liquid lipstick crumbling and lo and behold I saw lipstick marks on my cup. When I checked I saw that the inner part of my lip (on top and bottom) didn’t have color anymore.

Photo above: lips after eating cookies and coffee

This is removed when you eat and reapplication is definitely needed. Probably the first not transfer-proof lipstick that I tried. 
Photo above: after eating lunch


It retails for 348 pesos (7 USD) which is pretty standard drugstore liquid lipstick price.

Overall verdict

I would choose their matte lipsticks over their liquid lipstick and that says a lot since I prefer liquid lipsticks because it’s transfer proof. Both formulas are non-drying and are lightweight although you need to wait for the liquid lipstick to dry. Price is affordable. However, I think there are other brands with better formulas but this is worth trying. It’s a bonus that this is a local brand and is cruelty free. Thumbs up for anne!

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