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Skin potions meow liner

Years ago, I gave up on eyeliners because I can’t draw a decent wing to save my life. However, recently the internet has been raving about hacks and vamp stamp was born. I live in the Philippines and getting the vamp stamp would take too much effort. Luckily, a local brand (yes local!), skin potions released their meow liner and I tried it out for myself.

Product description:

From beautymnl

CLAIM TO FAME: An innovative dual-ended stamp eyeliner that’s smudge-proof and water-resistant
FAST FACTS: Stamping tip on one end quickly imprints a winged look onto outer corner; fine-tipped liner on opposite end completes the look by connecting thin to thick lines on the lash line; easily lets you perfect your cat eye game.


What sets this eyeliner apart from the rest is it’s ease of application. It’s a double ended eyeliner with one end as a stamp for your wing and the other is a felt tip pen.

Photo above: stamp end of the eyeliner

Photo above: felt tip end

This is one of those products with a learning curve. At first I wasn’t satisfied with how I applied it but it got better with practice.

Photos above: first try to apply 

Photos: after 1 practice

What I recommend you to do:

1. Use the stamp end first and place on the edge of your eyelid depending on how dramatic you want your wing to be.

2. Then from the middle of your eyelid, try to draw a straight line using the felt tip end towards the outer ends.

3. After that, from the end of the wing, connect it towards the middle part of your eyelids (where you marked in step 2).

4. Fill in and draw a line from your inner corner eyelids to complete the eyeliner. 

Color payoff/finish:

It’s a matte eyeliner which is opaque in one swipe!


I wore this out for a day to see how long it would last and if it would smudge. For the record, they did not claim to be waterproof but I can say it lasted throughout the day.

Photo above: applied the eyeliner around 7am

I commuted to work and went about my day. (It was an echo seminar so we had to sit and listen).

I scratched the outer end of my eye because it got itchy and smudge the wing a little bit.

Photo above: eyeliner check in at 12noon

I wore it until 3pm slept with it but it smudged when I touched it. See the pattern here? The key is not touching it :))

Photo above: 3pm check in

Photos above: scratch test

I scratched the inner corner of my eye and as you can see it smudged through my eyelids and it faded.

On the other hand, I can say that this is water proof. I splashed water on my face to see if it would smudge and it did not!

Photo above: tried splashing water on it.

So unless you touch it, it stays put. It also didn’t transfer to the lower lash line and did not fade through the day. I can say it did it’s job well. 👏🏽


Since this eyeliner is from an indie local brand, this is only available online. I got mine from beautymnl for 350 pesos (6 usd) with free shipping because I also bought other products and I was able to meet the minimum for free shipping. But shipping in the Philippines would cost 50 pesos up so this eyeliner would cost 400 up with shipping.

However, despite the additional shipping fee, I think the price is still reasonable! For something so convenient to use with good color payoff and fair longevity, 350-400 is not bad. 

Overall thoughts:

I recommend this eyeliner for eyeliner newbies or eyeliner dummies like me. Personally can’t draw a decent wing even with my sort of steady hand. The formula is good too and works as it claims. Just be careful in touching it as it’s not smudge proof. Also, bonus points for a good product coming from a local brand!

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