Frankie’s New York Buffalo Wings

Wings will always be on the top of anyone’s list of comfort food and I have been feeling down the past few weeks and my boyfriend decided to bring me to cheer me up (and not stress over where to eat). 

Note: I apologize for the very short and quick review of this, I am still not in my best shape during the time we ate here and I didn’t try a lot. There could be blurry photos. I apologize.

Restaurant details:

Second floor, crossroads bldg., 32nd street, bonifacio global city, taguig

Sunday-wednesday 11am-3am

Thursday to saturday 11am-4-am

Frankie’s are famous, for well, their buffalo wings which does not disappoint.


They are located on the second floor and despite that, it was still easy to spot. The place spacious enough to cater to people even during lunch hours. They even have smoking and non-smoking areas to ensure that customers are comfortable with their dining experience.

Photo above: door towards the smoking area

They even have the football game table that you’re allowed to play with while waiting. 

Photo above: football game table


I wasn’t able to take photos of the menu but hooray for zomato! Here are some (not all zomato might kill me) of the prices.

Photo credits to zomato

It was a fair and decent amount for the serving. It was big enough that we didn’t finish what we ordered. I can say that they have good value for money.


They have quite a good service. Waiters were able to answer all my inquiries about the best sellers and the products and were very accomodating with requests. They are attentive with the needs of the customers without being annoying.


We ordered onion rings, salted egg and kevin’s bacon wings (half dozen each).

I can’t say anything about the onion rings. This is your average onion rings served with ranch dressing. The batter had the right amount of saltiness contrasting with the slightly sweet taste of the onion which is a good appetizer and breather for the taste of the wings.

I ordered salted egg wings because it’s one of the odd, less common flavors and the waiter said it’s one of the best sellers.

I am that dumb person again who forgot to look for the spicyness level. Hahaha. This was mild but I have very poor spicy food tolerance. It was manageable though. It’s not the spicy kind that masks the flavor of the wings.

The salted egg flavor was powdered and it did not disappoint. However, it didn’t necessarily remind me of salted egg but it had the egg-y taste to it with just a tad bit more salt. It was worth the try! I paired it with their ranch dressing but I liked it better without.

My boyfriend ordered kevin’s bacon wings.

This was actually interesting. This is bacon wrapped chicken dipped in batter before deep frying.

It was good, the bacon’s taste adhered to the chicken even without biting to the bacon itself. However, it overpowered the. chicken and it was just like eating bacon with lesser crisp and softer texture due to the chicken’s meat.

This was a safe choice. I recommend it to meat lovers.

Overall verdict:

I would definitely go back for wings fix. The value for money and good taste is worth going back and even the ambience and being sure that you have somewhere to sit even during lunch hours. Giving this 4 stars. 👍🏻

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