Carpe Diem

It’s one of those restaurants which I’ve been looking at ever since but I whenever I try to go there something comes up (mostly parking). Finally, we were able to try their desserts last night. I’ll update this when I try out their food.

Restaurant details

Photo above screenshot from zomato


The restaurant looks nice. It’s very learning conducive which makes it a study/work/hangout spot in bf. However, they have very limited parking.

The restaurant has nice and cozy aesthetics. Cozy chairs and very good lighting. It makes it conducive for productivity.

I love that the place is simple.


It’s a little pricey but I can say they make up for it with the taste. I took one of their flyers.

Photo above: flyer with price and menu


We tried one of their potted desserts and their drink.

Photo above: choco lava

It looks so cute! The ice cream is close to mad marks which I love. It’s served with cookie crumbs under the ice cream and chocolate cupcake with a side of gummy worms.

It’s good! I would definitely go back! ♥️♥️

I also ordered dark black forest. It’s like melted cake! I love that it really tastes like an actual black forest.

Photo above: dark black forest and cookie

I also had a cookie (15 pesos each) it’s tiny but it’s moist and it has a distinct cinnamon taste in it. I personally don’t like cinnamon that’s why I did not enjoy it but it’s good none the less.


They have good service. I love that they are accomodating but they leave you alone which makes you feel that you have your privacy which I enjoy very much.

Overall verdict

I would definitely go back and would give it 4 stars because of the parking issue. But the food and the ambience is great!

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