Pound by Todd English

Had an impulsive trip to BGC because I wanted to get a new yoga mat which calls for a spontaneous date with the boyfriend and a food adventure.

Restaurant details

Pound is a burger spin-off of Todd English Food Hall’s burger station. It serves gourmet burgers and sliders in a vintage-inspired setting, carrying an intimate 1920s speakeasy vibe.

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Photo from zomato app


We ate here at night and the restaurant was pretty dim. They’re probably going for classic but mysterious yet minimalist kind of thing which works well in all fairness. It felt luxe but comfortable.


The price was affordable but I expected bigger servings.

(Ps. Sorry for the low quality photo)


They had an intriguing menu which has something you’d know and love but with a twist. They had me at caramelized anything.

I ordered their alfredo pasta with caramelized bacon which had a small serving. I was expecting more caramelized bacon. It was a little dry for my liking as well (but I like my food dripping with sauce).

We also tried their bacon poutine. This is my favorite among everything that we ordered. The cheese was gooey and the fries had that perfect crunchy on the outside mushy on the inside texture. However, the gravy is a little too thick and salty.

My boyfriend ordered their secret menu burger for the day which is two patties, cheese and caramelized onions topped with additional bacon. The patty tasted more like 8cuts, a little salty and meaty in a good way.


They have good servers who attends to what you need when you need it (and they aren’t pestering you every 10 seconds). They were also knowledgeable of their menu. Thumbs up for the service.

Overall thoughts

It’s an okay restaurant. I would give it 3.5 out of 5 stars. I recommend trying their poutine and the burgers. The ambience is also nice.

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