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15 days of lipstick: Smashbox always on lipstick

I think smashbox is one of those first brands to have liquid lipsticks (I might be wrong but they were here for a long time already) and I’ve always wanted to try it. I got a deluxe sample size of it from my sephora give me more lip and was excited to try it on.

Product description


It comes in a rectangular acrylic tube with a black cover and the smashbox logo in front. The packaging is clear and you can see the color of the lipstick inside.


It costs 1,250 pesos in beauty bar (Philippines) and $24 in sephora US. It’s a little pricey but it’s in the mid-range level of brands.


I can say that this glides on smoothly. It has a mousse-like consistency which is viscous enough but is easy to manage. It’s thick consistency also helps in building up the color. 

The doe foot applicator is also pointed at the end which helps in reaching the corners of the lips. 

The middle part of the applicator also has an indent where the product can accumulate.

This has a subtle sweet scent to it which is barely noticeable during and after application. It feels lightweight but not the kind where you will not notice it. You know that there’s still something on your lips. 

Color payoff

One swipe goodness. This is full coverage and would need just one swipe to get the full color. However, I noticed that the color became darker the longer you wear it.


Photo above: first application

I applied it around 7:30am and true to being a liquid lipstick, it’s matte and transferproof. Although when I wiped my nose it came off as well. 

When I ate, I noticed that it was all erased and it was smudged all over my lips. It looked like a kid who ate spaghetti which is not a good look.

Photo above: after lunch

Overall thoughts

It was a good lipstick until it smudged all over after eating. I enjoyed the feel and the color. However, another con is that it changes color the longer you wear it. I think there are lipsticks which costs less and would have the same performance.

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