15 days of lipstick: Laura Mercier Cosmetics Velour Lovers Lip Colour Sensual

Laura mercier is famous for their loose setting powder (which I still cant bring myself to buy because it’s expensive af). To be honest, I havent heard of their lipsticks and there’s probably a reason for it.

Product description

A highly pigmented, moisturizing lip color with a satin-matte finish. Velour Lovers Lip Colour is a revolution in matte lipstick that couples delicate mattifying powders with moisturizing mango butter that creates a velvety texture that is smooth, creamy and long-wearing. Formula is buildable, offering medium to high coverage with a satin-matte finish.


Full price from Laura Mercier website is $28.00


Again, it’s a deluxe sample size from the sephora give me more lip holiday set. It came in a bullet type form but instead of a cylinder it comes in a rectangular prism which looks very classy and elegant. Thumbs up for the packaging.


I didn’t like how this feels. It felt chalky in my lips and it didn’t want to cling to my lips which turned me off. No scent was evident when I applied it.

Color payoff

Very disappointing. It didn’t adhere to my lips and it looked chalky in my lips. In fact, you can’t even see on camera that there is color. It’s not even moisturizing or whatever.

I tried applying a lip balm/gloss over it (tarte’s lip rescue see the review here) and it helped in making the color appear but it still looked chalky.

The last time I had this happen was with the revlon matte balm. I hated that even when people raved about it because it doesn’t want to adhere to my lips.


Didn’t even last a minute on my lips.

Overall thoughts

Not a fan, I think maybelline’s lipsticks are way better than this one. It’s not worth it.

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