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15 days of lipsticks: too faced melted latex

I was actually supposed to try another lipstick for the day when I reviewed this but it looked too sheer for my simple look that’s why I grabbed this. I loved the color and I’ve always wanted to try too faced’s melted liquid lipstick. However, I was shocked to see that this is the latex variant which to be honest, I haven’t heard of since I got this.

Product description:

Melted Latex redefines lips with a honey-like texture that ensures gloss clings to lips with a latex shine. Doe-foot applicator comfortably coats in bursts of intense, buildable, lacquered color that lasts for hours.

  • Exclusive technology keeps high-shine lipsticks liquid for longer wear
  • High-impact, super-rich, saturated pigment offers lacquer-like vibrancy and juicy shine
  • Stays saturated with color
  • Doe-foot applicator allows for precise application
  • Can be used with Melted Latex Topper, Girl On Top, for even more shine and gloss

description from too faced’s website


It comes in a glass tube with a black top with gold lining. The logo of too faced and “Melted” is written in front. The packaging is clear so you can see the product’s color inside.


According to Too Faced’s website, this retails for $21 each. This isn’t actually locally available, even through shoppee and yeah, that’s probably why I haven’t heard of this product before. I was just familiar with the matte variant.


It comes with a pointed doe foot applicator which allows you to reach the corners of your lips. It is a one coat wonder but then the texture of this product is a little too thick, too viscous for me that it feels like spreading glue on your lips. You also need to dip twice, one for your bottom lips and one for the top lip.


I hated the feel of this product. On top of not being a fan of glosses, the texture of this product just feels too heavy and gross to me. As I have said, this feels like glue on your lips. It felt sticky throughout the day too. I can feel that I am wearing something, and something heavy at that the entire time. I can’t say it’s something that won’t bother you because to be honest, I got too bothered and annoyed that I didn’t re-apply (which I usually do especially on days when I’m reviewing something).

It smells like grapes to me, a little like those packed grape juice. The smell isn’t too overpowering, in fact you have to smell the product directly to smell instead of just smelling it upon application.

color payoff

I can say hands down to the color payoff. True to it’s description, it’s high shine and the color payoff is stunning.  It looks like the spandex material they use on the body suits. My lips looked plastic. :))


photo above: first application


Being a gloss, I wasn’t expecting anything from this. I knew that it would rub off at some point but in all fairness, it did leave a decent stain on my lips. Not the kind which would have no color in the inner lips and just an outline on the outer edges of your lips.

It transfers all over! Being in the work that I am, I have to drink lots of water to be hydrated, it transferred all over my water bottle and even smudged above my lips and on my chin.

photo above: after drinking it looked like a I’m wearing lip stain

photo above: color smudged above my lips

ps. sorry for the blurry and against the light photo

Photo above: smudging on the outer corner of my lips

Overall thoughts:

This product didn’t work for me, I hated how it feels and how it transferred too much. The smudging was also no bueno since I talk to different people and presenting yourself well is important. It feels heavy and despite having the bomb color payoff, I don’t think this is worth it.

one out of 5 stars for me.

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