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3CE multipot vs Sunnies face Airblush

I have been MIA for quite some time. Nothing sparked interest until I met these puppies.

Im that I want makeup but I also like to be chill kind of girl which is why these multi-use pots caught my attention and we’re here today to compare the two.

3CE Multi-way pot

I was first introduced to this multi-use pots with 3CE. Anna Cay, a filipino vlogger is raving about it but it was a bit pricey and hard to find so I did not get it immediately.

However, just recently I was able to get mine in an online shop. I finally have in the temptation and got myself one..

I got mine in the shade cabbage rose.

It was love at first swipe and I fell head over heels when I blended it. There’s a reason why people are raving this product.

It’s packed in a compact with a korean girl in front and when you open it you immediately see the product and it also has a good sized mirror. Enough for you to see your face especially on touch ups.

(photo above: left- swatch, right- when blended)

It feels like a smooth, firm clay for me if that makes sense and immediately you get the product. Just be careful with this because it’s REALLY pigmented. I love blush and I usually go ham and have putok na putok blush and I had to learn that the hard way. Haha. I usually apply this with a sponge just to absorb some of the product but even then, it’s still pigmented. It lasts for about 6-8 hours, even in Philippine summer. It lives up to its price. This is usually sold for about 850-1200 in the Philippines but a little goes a long long long loooooong way.

Sunnies face Airblush

Then just recently sunnies face, a local brand released their own line of cream blushes which very much works like 3CE. This caught my attention and I just had to get one myself. I just feel that at first glance, it’s way too much of a copy cat as it looks like tarte’s blushes and works like 3CE multipot.

I have to be honest, I’ve watched reviews about this before I used it but I still have my own opinion.

(excuse the used product in the photo haha)

Sunnies Airblush is packaged in a monochrome unit, it usually matches the shade that you bought. It also has a mirror enough for touchups which is a plus. The product feels silicon-ey and at first I was scared that it would slip and slide on my skin.

(photo above: left- blended, right- swatch)

I was pleasantly surprised that it didn’t. It’s not as pigmented as the 3CE but that’s a plus for me since I usually go overboard with my blush. It took about 3-4 layers before the pigment showed up on my skin. This one usually lasts up to about 4-6 hours on me, on a work day which means I commuted and moved about. For its price of 445 pesos, I guess it’s an okay product but that shade selection, great job sunnies.

Here’s a table of comparison

Would I recommend it? I’ll recommend the 3CE more than I would the sunnies but they are both good products. 3CE has more value for money with pigment and longevity while sunnies would be good for those with darker skin as they have a varied shade range that can suit any skin type.

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