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Cuppa coffee

I’m back. Slowly getting back to the groove of things. I’ll be launching my YouTube channel soon, hopefully with a giveaway, but we’ll see. Anyway, for now, as a come back let’s start with coffee.Cafe details:


479 Tropical Ave, BF International Village, Las Pinas

Open: 9am- 11pm

Dropped by the coffee shop as it’s in front of the clinic I’m working in. I didn’t stay that long in the shop but it looks dainty and I’ll definitely go back, maybe to finish my pile of reports.

The place is well lit and spacious. Enough for you to focus on what you’re doing.FoodI got myself a cup of cold brew with milk which is at 170 pesos. It’s fine but I was expecting a little more kick to the coffee. It’s just enough to wake you up.I love that they have attempts of being eco-friendly as they are using rice straws which are also edible. I took long to finish my coffee and it bent but if you’re the type to drink coffee fast (like about an hour and a half) the straw is pretty sturdy. Thumbs up for this!Another thing to note is that they also serve cakes, and based from their IG, food too.

I’ll definitely go back and probably stay longer to enjoy the place.