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Hello barista

My pile of reports that are waiting to be written brings me to different coffee shops. Here I am, again with a new coffee shop in BF homesCafe detailsIG: @hellobaristaAmbianceThe coffee shop is situated near lots of restaurants. It’s beside ribshack and is walking distance to eat fresh, conti’s and even pergola. It’s a dainty yet cozy spot where you can hang out for coffee and wifi.Their spot is very work friendly as they have sockets for every table. They have different heights of table that suits your needs. May it be for hangouts or work.WiFi is pretty fast too. I personally enjoyed the little knick knacks in their shop.Food/drinksI personally ordered the oddest/one of their best sellers, coffee strawberry sodaIt was okay for me. The hint of soda when you’re drinking bitter coffee was surprisingly complementing. However, I’d probably stick to the normal coffee when I come back.They use yardstick beans, BTW.Since it’s just their soft opening, the food choices weren’t as many. They had sandwiches. I ordered ham and cheese while my friend ordered the four cheese sandwichSandwiches are served with a side of chips. It was fine. I personally like the four cheese more. I hope that they have more food options soon.MiscallaneousAnother fun thing about this Cafe is that they conduct various workshops. Tune in their IG for schedules.Overall

I’d probably come back to work on my papers but I’ll eat beforehand and only order drinks. I’ll probably stick to the regular coffee kinds rather than the soda kind.

2 thoughts on “Hello barista

  1. Thanks for the review! We will be updating our menu soon, more food and more coffee. More workshops too. BTW since the last time you visited we have added caramel/mocha almond-decaf. See you again. ☺️☕️


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