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Hello barista

My pile of reports that are waiting to be written brings me to different coffee shops. Here I am, again with a new coffee shop in BF homesCafe detailsIG: @hellobaristaAmbianceThe coffee shop is situated near lots of restaurants. It’s beside ribshack and is walking distance to eat fresh, conti’s and even pergola. It’s a dainty yet cozy spot where you can hang out for coffee and wifi.Their spot is very work friendly as they have sockets for every table. They have different heights of table that suits your needs. May it be for hangouts or work.WiFi is pretty fast too. I personally enjoyed the little knick knacks in their shop.Food/drinksI personally ordered the oddest/one of their best sellers, coffee strawberry sodaIt was okay for me. The hint of soda when you’re drinking bitter coffee was surprisingly complementing. However, I’d probably stick to the normal coffee when I come back.They use yardstick beans, BTW.Since it’s just their soft opening, the food choices weren’t as many. They had sandwiches. I ordered ham and cheese while my friend ordered the four cheese sandwichSandwiches are served with a side of chips. It was fine. I personally like the four cheese more. I hope that they have more food options soon.MiscallaneousAnother fun thing about this Cafe is that they conduct various workshops. Tune in their IG for schedules.Overall

I’d probably come back to work on my papers but I’ll eat beforehand and only order drinks. I’ll probably stick to the regular coffee kinds rather than the soda kind.

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Lab’i experience

The ultimate experience for the lipstick junkie is now here in the Philippines. I’ve been wanting to do this since I heard that bite beauty in New York offers it but of course, it’s not that feasible at the moment. HOWEVER! Recently, it became available in the Philippines through Lab’i.

Situated in eastwood citywalk 2, Lab’i offers the experience and also using natural ingredients.

Getting there

Since I’m from the south, I really needed to set time to go there. I wasn’t really familiar with the area so I kind of had a hard time locating eastwood city walk 2. However, once you located eastwood citywalk 2 it’s pretty close to the entrance and easy to spot. Just look for chatime and it’s just a few stores away.

The store


They offer different versions of the make your own lipstick, they have one where you would pick from the variety of colors that they have and the staff would mix and make the lipstick for you which costs 780 pesos. The experience where you would pick from their shade range (and/or mix some shades) and you will be the one to make the lipstick costs 1500 pesos while the full experience, making your own shade and making your own lipstick is 3300 pesos.

Additional prices for matte or semi matte finish as well as specialty cases depending on your package is .

The experience

For me, I picked out the second package where I’d mix colors from their shade range and do the lipstick myself. I personally cannot stand glossy lipsticks which is the default so I opted to have it semi-matte (additional 60 pesos).

First, I was asked to pick from the shades that they have. It was organized and the staff were knowledgeable about which shades would match you depending on your skin tone.

I wasn’t able to ask what are the names of the shades that I picked but it was both from the wine-colored shades.

The staff then scraped off from the tester and mixed it for me to try it and see it together. They had disposable doe foot applicators so you can apply it on your lips while being hygienic. Once I was happy with the color, the staff then prepared the pigments and the materials to be used.

My boyfriend got my phone so I’m missing some photos and most of my photos have texts on them. I’m sorry but this will have to do.

They provided me with a small beaker where the pigments are, a scraper, the mold, a (fancy) stirrer, a brush and a small metal spatula. Gloves were provided as well and a small stove was already on the table.

First I was asked to mix in the pigments, vitamin E and the powder for the semi matte finish very well using the brush. This seemed easy until when it’s almost smooth as you have to keep stirring until it’s almost like melted chocolate texture. The staff was reminding me to scrape off excess pigment that gets stuck on the beaker so we can maixmize the materials.

Afterwards, we already put in the wax beads and then placed it on the stove. While it’s there, I still had to keep on mixing using the stirrer so that the wax will be fully incorporated to the mixture. I think this was also the part where we put the essential oils. I picked lavender of course!

Afterwards we quickly poured it into the mold. The staff said it should be quick since the wax sets fast. It also should be done in one pour so that the lipstick wont be broken.

2 pours were needed since the initial pour made the lipstick hollow in the middle. This was actually quicker than I expected. We waited around 5 minutes before starting to put it in its case.

Now the fun part, putting it in the case that I picked and finally seeing the lipstick that I made.

The hard part was making sure that it’s centered so that the lipstick will not touch the sides of the case.

And finally with one quick go, I was able to see my lipstick.

The formula

Here is the shade on my lips

It isn’t the most opaque. It’s not the one swipe goodness that other lipsticks are offering. It’s definitely not transfer proof. However, it promises that lips will feel more moisturised and healthy with consistent use. It’s definitely light weight and great for daily use.

However, the scent from the essential oil can be bothering and it can sometimes be tasted when the lipstick is newly applied and you drink or eat. Otherwise, it’s a good lipstick.

Would I do it again? Yes. Definitely.

Is it worth it. YES!

You can visit Lab’i lipstick design studio at

Or contact them via Facebook here

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I am not a fan of frills and over the top design. For me, simplicity is beauty and elegance means less is more. When I stumbled upon Pulseras by kim I got obsessed with her accessories. Her minimalist designs made me fall in love with gold again.

My first pulseras by kim is a mantra bracelet which says flow. Since the day I bought it, I haven’t taken it off and it doesn’t fade or tarnish. I’ve worn this to the beach, to the pool, while taking a shower and even when working out, so for it to be still this gold I know that it really is 18k plated.

Last January 13-14, Kim had a pop-up booth in common room ATC where she would customize bracelets on the spot. I have been wanting another piece from her so I grabbed the opportunity to meet her and get another one made.

She was super nice!

Here are her details if you’d like to get one for yourself, she has nice earrings and necklaces too

IG: @pulserasbykim


I also vlogged not only about her pop-up booth and customization but about one of my favorite stores in ATC, common room. Link of the vlog below.

pulseras by kim x common room vlog

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