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I am not a fan of frills and over the top design. For me, simplicity is beauty and elegance means less is more. When I stumbled upon Pulseras by kim I got obsessed with her accessories. Her minimalist designs made me fall in love with gold again.

My first pulseras by kim is a mantra bracelet which says flow. Since the day I bought it, I haven’t taken it off and it doesn’t fade or tarnish. I’ve worn this to the beach, to the pool, while taking a shower and even when working out, so for it to be still this gold I know that it really is 18k plated.

Last January 13-14, Kim had a pop-up booth in common room ATC where she would customize bracelets on the spot. I have been wanting another piece from her so I grabbed the opportunity to meet her and get another one made.

She was super nice!

Here are her details if you’d like to get one for yourself, she has nice earrings and necklaces too

IG: @pulserasbykim


I also vlogged not only about her pop-up booth and customization but about one of my favorite stores in ATC, common room. Link of the vlog below.

pulseras by kim x common room vlog

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