Among the list of food that can make me happy, ribs would be included among the ones on top.

About the restaurant

Pilar, Las Pinas branch:

PDC Compound, Rose Ave cor Aguirre Ave, Almanza Uno, Las PiñasT-Su: 4PM-12MN
(0917) 887-4225

BF homes, paranaque branch
71c President’s Ave cor Rufino St, BF Homes, Parañaque


Ribshack has a western, cowboy-ey feel to it. Interiors are wooden and the lights are dim. I think this place is good for group bondings and celebrations.


Price range from 100-800 Php but the servings are big and filling.


The waiters are attentive and were helpful. They also have complete amenities for your enjoyment and comfort.


Although they have a limited menu, I can say that it is well thought of. We tried their ribs and crispy bacon. The ribs were tender and juicy and they were not skimping on the sauce.

The crispy bacon was okay, I prefer the bacon without breading and good thing that I asked before dipping in the sauce since apparently it was siracha and I have low tolerance for spicy.

Overall thoughts

I would go back for the ribs. I would also recommend this to my friends. Two thumbs up for this restaurant.

Make up

Maybelline Superstay matte ink

I have been hearing good reviews about this lipstick so I decided, why not go back to my first love: reviewing lipsticks.

About the product


SuperStay Matte Ink™ Liquid Lipstick gives you a flawless matte finish in a range of super saturated shades.


Ink your lips in up to 16 HR saturated liquid matte. SuperStay Matte Ink™ features a unique arrow applicator for precise application and is available in a range of super saturated shades.

(From the maybelline website)


I bought mine in Watsons mall of asia for 299 pesos which is not bad for a drugstore liquid lipstick.


It is easy to apply and the pointed tip of the applicator helped. However, it took forever to dry (Roughly 5-8 minutes but it’s still sticky).

Scent and feel

It smells strongly like vanilla cupcakes and it feels tacky unless it fully dries, which takes time.

Color payoff

Shade: loyalist

It took me two layers for me to achieve the color that I wanted, although I picked a very light color it wasn’t very streaky but I just wanted the perfect application.


I must say, it did stay for a long time. Photo below is when I first applied it.

The photo below is after I ate lunch. I had bacon and eggs that day.

It only removed the inside part of the lip but was still visible on the outer edge. I reapplied only on the center.

I had tempura and california maki for dinner and it looked like this:

Overall, it did last the whole day. This is probably the first lipstick to last me literally the whole day.

Overall thoughts

I would repurchase but probably a different color since this one was too pale for me. It is true to its claims and is very affordable. Two thumbs up.


Witches Brew

One of the cons of being a south girl is that all the concept restaurants and stores are up north. Luckily, and finally, one opened up in aguirre and it’s a “harry potter” themed restaurant.

Restaurant details:

Location: ground floor, noah’s place, 330, aguirre avenue, BF Homes, Paranaque City

Opening hours:

monday to thursday 7am to 11pm

Friday to sunday 7am to 12midnight


Price ranges from 150 up to 550 Php for food while drinks start at 65 Php


It does feel “Harry Potter”-ish but I felt that the other houses weren’t well represented. The place was well decorated with emblems and signs of Gryffindor. I did not see any trace of the other houses.

They also have robes and scarves that you can borrow to take photos with. They also have a corner solely for taking photos.

Ambience is 10/10 gryffindor themed.


The staff was well informed of their menu and was attentive to the needs of their customers. They weren’t annoying as well unlike the others who would pester you and ask questions from time to time.


The food was okay. It’s not disappointing but its not something I would range about. The serving was big and is enough to fill you up.

What’s interesting with their menu is the names of their food. It’s witty and entertaining.

They also have their version of butterbeer. It was okay, you can have it in an alcoholic or non-alcoholic version. I wish it was a little colder.

Overall thoughts:

It’s something a Harry Potter fan would want to visit but was okay. It wasn’t disappointing but I felt that they could offer more. Food was okay and the drinks were okay. 3/5 stars for me.

artsy · vlogs


I am not a fan of frills and over the top design. For me, simplicity is beauty and elegance means less is more. When I stumbled upon Pulseras by kim I got obsessed with her accessories. Her minimalist designs made me fall in love with gold again.

My first pulseras by kim is a mantra bracelet which says flow. Since the day I bought it, I haven’t taken it off and it doesn’t fade or tarnish. I’ve worn this to the beach, to the pool, while taking a shower and even when working out, so for it to be still this gold I know that it really is 18k plated.

Last January 13-14, Kim had a pop-up booth in common room ATC where she would customize bracelets on the spot. I have been wanting another piece from her so I grabbed the opportunity to meet her and get another one made.

She was super nice!

Here are her details if you’d like to get one for yourself, she has nice earrings and necklaces too

IG: @pulserasbykim


I also vlogged not only about her pop-up booth and customization but about one of my favorite stores in ATC, common room. Link of the vlog below.

pulseras by kim x common room vlog

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Baler travelog

I was able to find a quick breather before I tackle 2018 when I went to Baler with my friends. Same with my La Union post, I will be breaking down fees and activities that we did on our 3-day vacation.

But first, Baler.

Baler is a town on the Philippine island of Luzon. In its center, Museo de Baler chronicles colonial history. On the coast, Cemento Beach is known for powerful surf, and Sabang Beach is lined with resorts. Nearby, Ermita Hill offers panoramic views. Inland, Baler Hanging Bridge crosses the mouth of the Tibag-Sabang River. To the east, the distinctive, angular Baler Lighthouse overlooks Dicasalarin Cove.


(photo from Google images)

We rented a van for 12,000 Php which includes gas while toll fees are separate (I apologize since I wasn’t able to take not of how much the toll was).

We stayed in Aliya Surf Camp & Resort which is cheaper than costa pacifica but is okay if you would spend the day outside. We got a family deluxe room for around 6,000 Php.

Unfortunately when we stayed, they did not have wifi so we had to resort to using our mobile data when we wanted internet and the free breakfast was reduced to two instead of five because of their new policies. Another downside was that since we were 8 and the room was only for 7, we paid 300 Php per night but they did not provide extra bedding, we just squeezed in the bunk bed and two twin beds. Other than that, Aliya offers surf lessons and they have in house restaurant, bar and souvenir shop. The comfort room was also okay since it was a private room.

What I enjoyed about Aliya was that it was walking distance to restaurants.


On to the trip, for the first day, we started travelling from Quezon City around 3:30 am with only one stop over we got to Baler by 9:30 am. For breakfast, we ate at Good Food.

Good food served affordable yet delicious food.

Pork chop for 100 Php

Mahi mahi for 130 Php

Burrito for 110 Php

Potato fries for 50 Php

After breakfast, we started our historical walk around the plaza. What’s interesting and good about Baler is that since it’s small, everything is walking distance so this historical walk can be done quickly if you’re pressed for time.

First stop is Museo De Baler which hosts memorabilia and items from Baler’s history.

This includes clothes, pins, medals and letters from the past government of Baler, Manuel Quezon and his wife

As well as props from the movie Baler starring Anne Curtis and Jericho Rosales. There were also interesting paintings done by locals on the second floor.

After that, we walked towards the city hall which leads to Baler’s church then Aurora Quezon’s house. I wasn’t able to take photos of the inside of the church but it was what you’d expect of an old provincial church.

Aurora Quezon’s ancestral home was a few steps away from the church. It was an old wooden house with a silong. It looks as if it’s a two-story building but the first floor, usually called the silong, is used as a place for animals that are being taken cared for or storage.

The house was not as extravagant as you’d expect, it has wooden floors and walls but had at least 3 main rooms, the library, a sala or living room and the dining area/kitchen. I am amazed that Aurora Quezon had a library since in the olden days, women were not allowed to study. My feminist side was happy because of this and hey old books. 🙂

Fee for the museum and aurora quezon’s ancestral home was 30Php per head.

It was after we finished the tour when we realized that there were footsteps that you can follow to guide you through the tour. We finished just in time for lunch then a quick chill time before our room is ready (check in time is at 2:00 pm).

For the first day, I think my friends surfed in the afternoon while another friend, my boyfriend and I chilled around the beach before heading out to dinner.

Surf costs 350 Php in aliya with the instructor and board rental. I didn’t have the best experience in LU since I’m not the best with balancing then so I opted not to go this time. The waves weren’t as friendly as well so I’d rather chill at the beach.

For dinner, we ate at Charlie Does. Locals and tourists (even google) recommends this place. They are known for being the vegetarian/vegan restaurant near the beach. They also offer surf lessons and yoga lessons (when instructors are available). They also have a hotel where you can stay.

For dinner, my boyfriend and I had tofu sisig and fries while my other friends had their rice meals and pasta.

We had to wait 45 minutes for the rice to cook and most of the items on the menu were unavailable.

I have to say, the food was not as good as I expected it to be. For a place highly recommended by people, this was a fail for me. Whatever Charlie does, please just don’t.

FOOD/DRINK TO TRY: their Baler brew (beer) I enjoyed it even if I’m not much of a beer drinker. However, I think hard-core beer lovers won’t enjoy it as much


We didn’t go out to have breakfast since we were still sleepy. We had breakfast in Aliya and it was okay. Serving was Filipino size, enough to keep you full for a 1-2 hours.

This was our only full day in baler, We were debating whether we’d go to the mother falls or balete tree or Ermita hill (those recommended by google)

but since we wanted to chill on the beach, we decided Dicasalarin cove was the best option (and PS. it was).

Luckily since we had a van, we just had to use Waze to find it. It was 30-40 minutes away from Sabang beach (where Aliya was) and the roads were steep but once you get to the place, it was worth it.

Along the way, you’d see the rock formations that the locals recommend seeing but I don’t think those places are good for swimming.

Dicasalarin cove, in my opinion and experience when I was there had the most relaxed waves and you can have leisure swimming rather than surfing.

If you could bring snacks, that would be great since dicasalarin cove is not that developed and there is no restaurants around. We spent our morning here to chill and take photos.

For lunch, we ate at Yellow fin.

Coming from the disappointment from Charlie Does we loved our food here. Yellow fin is known for grilled food and Filipino food.

Sinigang na hipon

Inihaw na pusit

Pork bbq

I wasn’t able to take photos of the rest of our order since we were hungry.


My friends took a nap before they surfed again while I took a dip in the pool before I took a nap. While I was napping, they went to Dialyn’s which is a popular bakeshop in Baler.

They were nice to bring us kiwi cupcakes which I must say is a MUST TRY in baler. We went back here before heading back to Manila for pasalubong.

Once everyone was settled and showered, we had dinner in Aliya. I do not recommend their grill area since it took a long time and my order was served cold. I was annoyed and didn’t enjoy my meal that night.

We capped of the night in the bar while my friend sang in the open mic. It was a chill way to end our full day in baler.

Third day was hectic since we were about to check out. I opted not to swim anymore so after eating breakfast in Aliya, I walked around to buy pasalubong for my brothers.

BEST PASALUBONG: Aling Pacing’s Peanut butter and/or Dialyn’s Kiwi cupcakes

Check out time was at 12:00 noon and we headed out to Manila around that time.

We dropped by the balete tree on the way to manila.

Stop over was at NLEX around 3:oo or 4:00pm for lunch and we arrived in Manila around 8:00 or 9:00pm (Quezon City)

It’s a good place to chill and surf with your friends although I find that the food choices and activities were limited. 🙂

until next trip 🙂

Skin care

Human Nature Lavender Mint Cleansing bar

I’m a sucker for anything with lavander and/or mint. I love how it’s relaxing and it smells so good.

When I saw this cleansing bar in All Day Supermarket, I immediately had to try it. Bonus points that it’s from an all natural local brand.

About Human Nature

Generally, human nature is a pro-Philippines, pro-poor and pro-environment products.

About their products


Human Nature is the first range of affordable and genuinely natural products in the Philippines.

The origin of each Human Nature product belongs to Mother Earth’s own laboratory of moist rich soil, sunshine, and dew. Our ingredients are more than inspired by nature – they are nature itself, carefully selected, deftly distilled and perfectly blended in each bottle.

We take pride in the science that goes into every product. Each one is formulated by Filipinos in our Natural Care Labsbased on the latest breakthroughs in green chemistry and manufacturing.

Human Nature was the first cosmetics and personal care company in the Philippines to be awarded the distinction
of being truly cruelty-free by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), the largest
animal rights organization in the world. Human Nature was also the first and is the only Filipino
company to have signed PETA’s statement of assurance against animal testing.

Human Nature is the first and only Philippine home and personal care brand that is a member
of the Natural Products Association (NPA).

NPA is the largest and oldest nonprofit organization in the US dedicated to the promotion of
natural manufacturing and protecting of consumers’ health and environmental safety.

The NPA Seal certifies compliance with the NPA Standard for Personal Care Products on natural
ingredients, safety, responsibility and sustainability. This seal is given to products that pass the
following strict standards:

  • The product is made with at least 95% natural ingredients, excluding water
  • Ingredients come or are made from a renewable resource found in nature, and processed without harm to the environment
  • None of the ingredients pose human health risks as shown by peer-reviewed third-party scientific literature
  • The product is not tested on animals
  • The product must list all ingredients on the label

from their website

The lavender mint cleansing bar

As my first product from human nature, I have to say that I love this product. True to the claims, it keeps my skin smooth and supple with just a few washes. This soap smells really good and helps in calming me down when I’m stressed. It’s good since I start my day calm and collected making me ready for the day.

It’s packaged well, it could compete to foreign and more commercial brands with a paper box. The soap itself is packaged in plastic, which I wish they did without to stay true to their pro-environment cause.

A con would be that I feel that I went through it quickly. Probably because of its ingredients, the soap felt softer and it melted quicker than most bar soaps.

Overall verdict

I am currently in my second bar of soap. I love this product and I would continue to use this product. This made me want to try more from this brand.


Korean bbq/ Samgyupsalamat vlog

KPop has been invading the Philippines and the world for a couple of years now especially in music, fashion and of course food.

Many korean bbq restaurants are popping everywhere, even here in the south. Value for money, since these restaurants are usually unlimited meat and side dishes is really maximized here.

Korean BBQ

Korean barbecue (고기구이, gogi-gui, “meat roast”) refers to the popular method in Korean cuisine of grilling meat, typically beef, pork, or chicken. Such dishes are often prepared on gas or charcoal grills built into the dining table itself. Some Korean restaurants that do not have built-in grills provide customers with portable stoves for diners to use at their tables. Alternatively, a chef uses a centrally displayed grill to prepare dishes to order.

The most representative form of gogi-gui is bulgogi, usually made from thinly sliced marinated beef sirloin or tenderloin. Another popular form is galbi, made from marinated beef short ribs. However, gogi-gui also includes many other kinds of marinated and unmarinated meat dishes, and can be divided into several categories. Korean barbecue is popular among Koreans, but has also gained popularity worldwide.

From wikipedia (haha sorry for the lame reference)

The setup

I can only speak for korean bbq restaurants patterned from korea. Here in the Philippines, customers or group of customers are seated on a table with a smokeless grill.

Customers are also served with side dishes, usually kimchi, korean omelette (gaeran mari), radish dishes, soup and lettuce. However, in the Philippines, some restaurants also serve rice as part of the side dish.

Meat (beef or pork), along with the side dishes are usually “unlimited” or “eat-all-you-can”. Left overs are usually not allowed.

Comparisons of restaurants

Here in bf paranaque, I have tried three samgyupsalamat places: aladin, samgyupsalamat and singsing.

Aladdin is one of the first samgyupsal places in BF. My boyfriend and I usually goes here since the other one is always full and we don’t have chairs to sit on. This restaurant is a bit pricey, at P 399 and as far as I can remember unli pork. In Aladdin, their unlimited side dishes are served buffet style unlike others where they would serve it to you. Aladin has the most variety of side dishes out of those that I tried. It’s a bonus that they also have unlimited drinks (unlimited iced tea).

restaurant details: 335 Aguirre Ave, Parañaque, 1720 Metro Manila (in front of robinson’s supermarket)

Singsing is the most popular one in BF as of the moment due to it’s affordable price. Unli pork is at P299 while P399 when you want to have beef as well. They serve meat two plates at a time while lettuce has a limit of 2-4 rounds (I can’t recall, it’s been a while since I last ate here). I think the side dishes are all unlimited. They serve gaeran mari, lettuce, kimchi and radish along with the meat.

In singsing, you’ll have the option to sit on a table and chair or for larger groups, you have an option to have the korean table setup with a low table and sitting on the floor. however, SingSing doesn’t have the exhaust thing aladdin and samgyupsalamat has so you’ll surely smell like grill after you enjoy eating here.

restaurant details: 268 – A Aguirre Ave, Parañaque, 1720 Metro Manila

Samgyupsalamat recently opened a branch in BF paranaque but they have been operating for a while now with multiple branches mostly up north (around Quezon City) and Makati. So far, this is the best among the three that I have tried. Aside from having unlimited side dishes (rice included), they also have the most variety of meat. They charge P399 for pork unli set while P499 for pork and beef unli set. I enjoyed that they have marinated variants aside from the plain ones. Among the three, they have the best tasting meat, not to mention that I enjoyed the ambiance as well since the tables aren’t as close to each other.

restaurant details:

Manila Kapitan Tikong Branch : 0977 842 3427

Manila Leon Guinto Branch : coming soon

Makati Jupiter Branch : 0915 725 4034

Quezon Banawe Branch : coming soon

Century City Mall Branch: coming soon

Aguirre BF Homes Branch: coming soon


Here’s a vlog when my friends and I tried samgyupsalamat when they opened a branch in aguirre, bf homes, paranaque

south girl eats | samgyupsalamat vlog

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